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Prudence Millinery makes couture hats using traditional methods and techniques. Prudence, designer for Prudence Millinery, creates model hats for various fashion designers, such as Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Charles Anastase, Lacoste, Julien MacDonald and Biba. Prudence has also been making hats for Vivienne Westwood since 1990. Prudence also makes hats to order for her private customers. Prudence creates and makes hats for her own label, Prudence Millinery. Prudence Millinery also produces couture tutorials on how to make fabric flowers and couture hair bands. Prudence Millinery currently produces three ranges of hats: Prudence Couture (Couture hats),  Prudence Millinery (Hats for retail) and Prudence Ready to Wear (Ready to Wear hats), available in her Estore, www.prudencemillineryshop.com


























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